When: Memorial Day Weekend, 2016
May 27-29

Where: Franklin Marriott Cool Springs
700 Cool Springs Blvd.
Franklin, Tennessee 37067
Call (615) 261-6100 to register your room. Ask for the Nashcon special rate. While rooms last!

**NEW** Nashcon Photo Contest!

Nashcon Events List Updates

Final Event List 2016

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Nashcon is an open gaming convention for miniatures games, board games, card games, and others. It draws over 400 people each Memorial Day weekend.The cost of admission is only $35, which gets you into every game, gets you a discount at the host hotel, and brings you in touch with the best gamers in the Midsouth.

Pre-Registration Special: $25. Includes everything!


Game Masters

Game Masters are wanted. Submit your gaming event!


Local clubs who have signed up to set up recruitment tables, be on notice that we wish to honor the best looking display, demo game, or spirit among the club tables! Details to follow!


Bolt Action Tournament 2016

Flames of War 2016

Kings of War 2016

Damon Booker

Travis Smith

Andy Akins

Mighty Armies National Championships
Rebel Minis

Grab your sword General, rally your Standard Bearers and bring your forces to the Mighty Armies National Championships! Pit your Army against some of the greatest armies in all the Kingdoms for Honor and Prizes! Don’t have an Army ready to go? Fear not! There will be some pre-built armies on hand for those can’t raise an Army in time. There will also be awards for most original army and a best in show!

That night will also have a few openings for a new Beta Test and possibly a LAST MAN STANDING BATTLE ROYALE! So Grab your Army and join us at NASHCON on May the 28th! Registration begins at Noon!

If you are running a tournament and you don’t contact the webmaster no one else is likely to.


  • Time Portal
  • CBB
  • Good Ground
  • BTC
  • Bare Bones
  • Hudson Hobbies
  • Rebel Minis
  • Splintered Light
  • Imprudent Mortal
  • Trust No One
  • Game Cave
  • ATKM
  • Grand Adventures


  1. Tim Young says:

    Who is in charge of the dealers tables please ?

  2. Duke Robinson says:

    thanks for the info i figured you rented tables not used to flea market idea but works for me thanks again senschal

  3. Ben L says:

    Any dealer list?

  4. David Raybin says:

    Here is a Link to TMP which addresses some Friday games:

  5. seneschal says:

    Scotty, what time on Thursday does setup begin?

  6. Roger Dospil says:

    Would the gentlemen who put on the WOTR game kindly get in touch with me….there was the cigar box guy and another gentlemen. I have a lot of WOTR questions….mainly interested in the guy who painted most of the figs and supported his friend who ran the game. Thanks!

  7. I am an old member, #71, who has been out of the loop for a while. I am interested in setting up a booth to sell my entire collection. How do I register a booth or table as a “dealer/seller”

  8. Tom Adkins says:

    I am depressed that it didn’t occur to me to look up Nashville for gaming… We live in Madison, AL and come up to Nashville area regularly. Our historical gaming community is just tiny and we’re having a hard time learning how to play and getting to meet fellow gamers (all that warhammer going on).

    Is there a way for my son and I to be sure we know about any goings on anywhere in greater Nashville? We do Flames of War, though are interested in more than that.

    Tom (& Andrew) Adkins

  9. David Raybin says:

    HERE are the NASHCON PHOTOS !!!!!!!!!

    • Dear David,
      I am new to Hanceville Alabama. Where is Madison?

    • Hey Phillip, Madison is on the outskirts of Huntsville. I live only 2 exits down from you at mile marker 287. I kinda gave up on gaming since Birmingham group disbanded but still paint. Working on SAGA armies now. We should try to hook up with the Madison group. They are only 45 minutes away.

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