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Track and Hull Club – July 5,2016

Thanks to Walt Harris for an awesome American War of Independence game using “Sharp Practice 2”. The British had a minor victory as we learned how to do SP2 as a club game (3 v 3). The Colonial artillery forced back the right flank of the British until the British canons could break the Colonial canons. The left flank then closed the gap. We had to end the game after 10 turns (2 hours).

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Gettysburg 1863 – 153 years ago today

Gettysburg started on this day, 153 years ago. Lee, seeking a decisive battle with the North, got his wish. Have you refought the battle or parts of it in miniature? There are several scenario books for the civil war, and series of books just on this one battle. I found this good blog post to whet your appetite for fighting Gettysburg!


Bug fixed

There was an update and it broke security, forcing a lot of people to get 404 page not found errors. Sorry about that! We have fixed it. More content to come. We are gearing up to fill up the event calendar.

Midsouth Chapter Update

By quorum vote of the remaining officers, vacancies have been filled and other officers confirmed. The officers are as follows:

  • President: James Rogers
  • Vice President: Peter Mancini
  • Secretary: Kirk Harris
  • Treasurer: Scotty Reeves

At large inspectors:

  • Joe Collins
  • Walter Harris
  • Cory Ring

Many thanks for all of the board members who were able to make it as well as many HMGS Midsouth members who came in support. Midsouth is a volunteer organization and we are happy so many people stepped up to continue the organization and their commitment to it’s goals.

1:3 La Haye Sainte refight – Gorgeous!

Blog Entry on the Game

Extremely impressive! The result of a true enthusiast. What a wonderful looking game.




President of HMGS-Midsouth Resigns

From the President:

To the HMGS Mid-South Membership,

As one of the founding members of HMGS Mid-South I have always endeavored to see the organization do well and fulfill its intended purpose.  Overall, the club has remained true to its intent.  I feel this success is due, in large part, to the leadership and guidance of a long list of people operating with the organization’s best interest at heart.

That being said, while considering my current position in the organization I’ve begun to look at things differently.  Having given careful thought to all aspects of this and its relevance to my current station in life, having carefully considered all of the possibilities and reasonable eventualities and having examined my past contributions and commitment to the organization, I feel the time has come to let others lead the way.  Therefore, I respectfully tender my resignation as President of HMGS Mid-South.

I’ve enjoyed my time as a Board Member and as President and I like to feel I’ve made a difference in the club.  I wish all the best to the remaining Board Members and Officers and, moving forward as a regular member of HMGS Mid-South, I look forward to seeing great things accomplished.


Bryant Williams