Nashcon Events List


The final events lists are now ready!

Nashcon 2015 Event List

Nashcon 2015 Mobile Events List

NAGA program

The beautiful thing about the web is that you can access this from your mobile device. The Mobile version of the events list is designed to be especially readable on smart phones. We will have QR Codes up at the convention site as well so you can get these links easily with your mobile device.

See you at Nashcon!

NAGA bringing boardgames and RPGs to Nashcon


NAGA, the Nashville Area Gamer Association, is a group dedicated to being a resource for all the gamers in the Greater Nashville area. This is their second year at Nashcon. They will be in the Carriage Room. If you are like me and love boardgames and RPGs as well as miniatures, this makes Nashcon one of the better conventions. HMGS-Midsouth is proud to partner with NAGA as we have the same goals – to educate the gamer and promote the gaming hobby.


Nashcon Online Pre-registration

Here are the Pre-Registration Links. These were originally posted on Facebook. There were issues getting them to work with this website. If these links are not working please let the webmaster know at (615) 218-7714. There is no difference between paying online and paying at the show. We are sorry for the inconvenience. Next year I will have more time to get our security measures to play nicer with Paypal. ALSO be sure to check the quantity of tickets for each of the links. Some have reported it defaults at multiples. *sigh*

Pre-register for Nashcon without general Tournaments access

Pre-register for Nashcon with general Tournaments access

Special Note: The Saga tournament is free. If you are not attending the Warhammer tournaments as well you can take the less expensive first option.