Bug on Game Submission Form fixed


Game Masters, if you submitted a form for a game event you are running at Nashcon and were not able to properly input maximum players you can send an email to Game Registration and give our GM Coordinator the “deets”! It doesn’t really matter, there are no official signups for games. Players show up at your table and the GM manages who they take on board.

If you WANT to be a Game Master the Game Registration Form is still open! Get your game in!

Update on Nashcon Date!

We listed the 22rd (Thursday) as the start of Nashcon. That is correct, if you are Nashcon staff, but not correct if you are simply attending the convention! The official start date is the 23rd Friday. We are sorry if there was any inconvenience on your behalf.

Nashcon announces Guest of Honor

adfcoverJohn Hill, legendary author of miniatures and boardgames will be the Guest of Honor. He will be running play tests of his new ACW game, Across a Deadly Field. We are very excited and pleased to have Mr. Hill join us this year!