NASHCON PEL Update for April 21st


FB_20141107_08_32_41_Saved_PictureWe are still taking game submissions as evidenced by our growing list of games. Check out the PEL for all of the really excellent games you can play at Nashcon this year. I am personally excited for more of them than I could actually play. The convention continues to attract some really excellent games and game masters.

Don’t see a game system you really love but isn’t listed or a period you really love that no one is running a game for? Send us your game submission and represent! There are players for every genre and time period and game type. I’ve run mutants taking over MTSU, China vs. Japan 1937, and King Arthur and his Knights attempting to restore justice and peace at the end of the Camelot era. Every one of those had loads of players.

Last year we had 500 gamers at Nashcon. We are looking forward to breaking that number this year. See you there!

20150421 PE

Flames of War Tournament is a GO


The tournament page has been updated with the details of the FoW tournament. Those looking for it can now rejoice!


PEL Updated!


Yep, the PEL has been updated! Here is the latest cut!

20150413 PEL

Don’t see your game there that you submitted? Send a note to Game Registration and we can fix the omission.