When: Memorial Day Weekend, 2015

Where: Franklin Marriott Cool Springs
700 Cool Springs Blvd.
Franklin, Tennessee 37067


Nashcon™ is Tennesse’s top gaming convention! Historical miniatures, tournaments, fantasy and science fiction games, role playing, board games, Advanced Squad Leader tournament and much more. Nashcon™ has plenty of vendors to help you restock your gaming desires and plenty of people to meet and play games with. Nashcon™ is a fantastic convention in a fantastic location. 20 minutes South of Nashville. 1.5 hours North of Huntsville. Nashcon™ is a great convention to attend.

Register your Games for the Event List

Game Master Event Registration

Standard GM game form for Midsouth conventions and game days.
  • This is your actual name. If you represent a company we have another field for that.
  • If you represent a company and this is a demo game, put the company name here.
  • If you have a blog, company website related to your game or a site with further information useful to the players please add it here.
  • ex. "Flames of War". If the rules are modified add ", modified". If these are unpublished rules add ", house rules" or ", unpublished" or ", new edition" or whatever fits.
  • Leave blank if there is no scale or no miniatures involved. Ex. "15mm", "1/285",
  • The Battle of Gettysburg would be a historical scenario. The Battle of Gettysburg with British Intervention would be Counterfactual. The Battle of Gettysburg 2041 would be Science Fiction. The Battle of the Five Armies would be Fantasy. World War Z would be horror. The Chinese Invasion of Taiwan in 2020 would be Ultra-modern.
  • How many people can your game realistically handle? This is usually determined by play testing.
  • Keep it tight. You don't have enough room for a history lesson.
    Some games are designed to play over many hours (often due to size.) if this is a large game that requires 2 sessions please indicate so here. If there is an issue with session availability you will be contacted.
  • Do you need wheelchair access, access to plugs for computers, a non-standard table size, or other considerations? Let us know here.


  1. David Raybin says:

    HERE are the NASHCON PHOTOS !!!!!!!!!

    • Dear David,
      I am new to Hanceville Alabama. Where is Madison?

      • Hey Phillip, Madison is on the outskirts of Huntsville. I live only 2 exits down from you at mile marker 287. I kinda gave up on gaming since Birmingham group disbanded but still paint. Working on SAGA armies now. We should try to hook up with the Madison group. They are only 45 minutes away.

  2. Tom Adkins says:

    I am depressed that it didn’t occur to me to look up Nashville for gaming… We live in Madison, AL and come up to Nashville area regularly. Our historical gaming community is just tiny and we’re having a hard time learning how to play and getting to meet fellow gamers (all that warhammer going on).

    Is there a way for my son and I to be sure we know about any goings on anywhere in greater Nashville? We do Flames of War, though are interested in more than that.

    Tom (& Andrew) Adkins


  1. […] Thank you to the Nashcon board of directors for bringing John to Nashville. This is an excellent opportunity to play with the John Hill  and to be one of the first to play and learn “Across A Deadly Field”. Nashcon will be Memorial Day weekend 2014 and so far looks to be an outstanding convention again this year.  Here is a link to the Nashcon website: […]

  2. […] friends asking me about Nashcon 2014. Here is a link to the official HMGS-Midsouth Nashcon website:  (The PEL is available on this link too.)  The convention will be May 23rd – 25th – […]

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  5. […] and I will respond.  The current planned dates for the campaign are April 25, skip May for Nashcon, and Finish up June 27.  Please do not feel like you have to commit to every date, if you can come […]

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